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About us

At IDrive Software we build products and services in the fields of Online Backup and Storage, Cloud Computing, Remote Access and Mobile Applications. IDrive Software established in April 2001, with a strong team of in-house professionals. Our objective is to be at the forefront of technology in the above fields.

Our Values

IDrive Software values all its employees for the contributions they make for the accomplishment of the organization’s mission. It believes that all employees can develop work-related competencies to enhance job performance by working as a
team. It is committed to deliver Human Resource (HR) programs and services to improve opportunities for employee development, employee performance and workplace environment.

Our Culture

Every employee of IDrive Software is motivated, guided and encouraged to reach his/her highest level of competency by inbuilt parameters in the system. In this process, one will find his/her own position of equilibrium in the organization and his/her competency being utilized to the maximum towards fulfilling the objectives of the organization.

Work Anniversaries

Work Anniversaries

Work from Home Policy

IDrive recognizes that there may be circumstances when it would be more beneficial or flexible for employees to work from home. So we would like to introduce Work From Home (WFH) option for employees.

Working from home is totally dependent upon below criteria being fulfilled by employee:

  • Work From Home (WFH) option is allowed for ONE Day in a month.
  • Employee should take a prior approval (at least a one day in advance) of his/ her TL/Manager and HR to avail this option.
  • WFH is allowed for one person in a team at a time. (Note: 2 or more members of same team cannot avail WFH option on same day and TL should not sanction such request)
  • Employee should always be available on call and provide alternate contact number to the TL/Manager.
  • Employee has to put in mandatory 8 working hours.

Note: Company will not reimburse any expense occurred due to work from home.

There are certain elements that need to be considered before a WFH request is filed:

  • Eligibility of employee, if employee’s nature of job permits.
  • Need for teamwork with colleagues
  • Conditions of home or alternative place of work (noise, internet connection etc.)
  • Availability of necessary equipment or software
  • Cyber security and data privacy
  • Ability to work autonomously


  • To avail WFH option employee needs to send email to and to TL/Manager. Only upon TL/Manager’s and HR’s approval employee can avail WFH.
  • Upon approval employee needs to contact Hardware team to enable WFH settings/ configuration. Please note that it is mandatory for employees to use WFH setting provided by hardware team to record his/her attendance.
  • End of the day employee should fill up the WFH form (available at and send to along with their Status report of that particular day. TL has to verify the same and confirm.
  • NOTE: If any employees do not use WFH setting while working from home, his/her attendance logs will not be recorded in our system and that day will be considered as a leave.
  • HR team will not consider WFH in record if we do not get form and status report with TL/Manager’s authorization.
  • At any time, this policy can be reviewed by IDrive, as and when changes are necessary as per organization requirements


Attendance is routed through the Access Control Device, which is fixed at the main door of both the offices. All employees have to swipe in their ID cards when they enter the office and swipe out when they leave the office.

In case the employee forgets to get his/her access card, the employee has to make and entry in the register which is placed at the reception counter.

If the employee loses the access card, he should inform the Operations team immediately in order to retrieve a new access card and to block the existing card. The Access control system tracks all swipes, IN & OUT time spent in the work area and
in the pantry.

Employees are strictly prohibited from swiping in or out for another employee. Please note that your logs and entries are getting monitored.

If the employee fails to get the access card, they need to notify the HR Team. They can enter the details in register with security; in a month only ONE entry is allowed, 2 or more entries will be treated as absent.

All employees are requested to adhere the above guideline to avoid any disciplinary action.


Date Name


In order to provide a platform to give your valuable feedbacks and genuine suggestions, we have the system of “Feedback / Suggestion Box” in our Organisation. This box has been placed in the Conference room. Employees are requested to make the best use of this channel to reach the HR / Management at any given point of time.

IDrive Software will encourage feedbacks / suggestions through this Box or communication only with the HR/PM only. In order to have a meaningful discussion and arrive at a logical conclusion and solution regarding any concerned matter, it is mandatory for the person to fill in all the details asked in the Feedback Form. Anonymous feedbacks or suggestions will not be strictly entertained and those will be considered null and void.

The feedback form once filled should be dropped in the Feedback /Suggestion Box. Any other forms of feedbacks will not be encouraged and stringent actions will be taken against the person or group of people disturbing the decorum of the Organisation.
Feedbacks and suggestions given by you will be kept highly confidential and strictly limited to the Management’s review only.

Reference / Background Check

Employee reference check is important and key element of employment.

Company will conduct employment reference checks and background investigations on all employees/candidates for employment, basically to verify and validate information given by the employee/candidate during the recruitment process in order to ascertain suitability for employment.

Employee should provide the references in Personal Detail Form/ Employment application to HR.

The Company reserves the right to withdraw the offer of employment or consideration for employment, or discharge an employee, upon finding falsification, misrepresentation, or omission of fact on an employment application, resume, other attachments, or in verbal statements, regardless of when it is discovered.

Daily Leave Report

Following employees are on leave:

  1. Praveen L
  2. Palguna M S
  3. Mahendra Kumar S
  4. Banita Mishra
  5. Amaranath
  6. Prashanth Yadav

Candidate joining today

Candidate joining today


All employees are expected to attend office during the normal working hours from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Lunch break is of one hour duration and can be taken between 12.30 pm to 2.00 pm.

Employees are expected to be punctual to office and set an example to other colleagues.

Women employees should not stay in office beyond 8:00 PM.

All the employees should strictly adhere to the 9 hours including lunch break. Employees who do not adhere to this policy shall receive email reminders from the HR Team. In cases of further non adherence to this policy, Company will take appropriate action deemed necessary against the Employee.


The Employee Referral Scheme is formulated to promote employees’ participation in the recruitment process of the company and to be rewarded for their efforts. The reward is a token of appreciation and takes into consideration the overall time and
effort taken by the employee to refer potential employees (friends and relatives) to IDrive Software.

A referral reward of Rs. 20, 000/- will be given for all hired referrals, on completion of 7 months service of the referred candidate in IDrive Software India Pvt Ltd.


  1. All Employee Referral resumes have to be sent to the designated email id:, the concerned HR can be added in the CC
  2. Employees will have to send resumes with Job Designation clearly mentioned in the subject line to be eligible.
  3. HR Team will acknowledge receipt of the referral mail and direct the referral resume to the respective Team.
  4. Employees who want to refer candidates even in the absence of a notified vacancy can send resume to , but there will be no feedback to the employee. HR Team will retain the resume in their database for the future suitable requirements. No Referral Payout will be payable in case of selection of a candidate from the database.
  5. HR Team will confirm the final status to the employee as and when the candidature is closed.


  1. All employees of IDrive Software, excluding members of the HR team, can refer the candidates.
  2. No canvassing with the HR team or the selection panel members should be done for referred candidates.
  3. If two employees refer a candidate, who is subsequently selected, then the reward will be given to the employee who referred the candidate first.
  4. The reward amount will be subject to TDS before payment to the employee.
  5. Managers' interviewing/selecting candidates referred by themselves and who subsequently is a part of their team/practice are not eligible for any referral awards under this scheme
  6. This policy will be reviewed as and when changes are needed due to organizational requirements.


IDrive Software observes certain National Holidays/Festivals and detailed list of that holiday will be distributed to all employees at the beginning of Year.



January 1st


New Year


January 15th


Sankranti Festival


January 26th


Republic Day


May 1st


May day


August 15th


Independence Day


September 13th


Ganesh Chathurthi


October 2nd


Gandhi Jayanthi


October 19th


Ayudha Pooja


November 1st


Kannada Rajyotsava


November 6th




December 25th




Optional Holiday 

Optional Holiday List:






February 13th


Maha Shivaratri


March 30th


Good Friday


June 15th




August 24th


Sri Varamahalakshmi Vratha / Thiru Onam

  • Optional Holiday can be availed only for the below listed festivals and not any other festivals
  • Employee has to apply at least 1 week in advance to avail any optional holiday
  • Optional holiday will not  be adjusted against any leave and it cannot be carried forward

Soft Loan


To provide financial assistance to the employees for their marriage and education


Employees who have completed one year in IDrive Software can avail this loan facility. Loan Limits – Rs. 20,000/-


Employee should send a loan application to HR Team for approval >> Upon loan approval, the employee has to sign the Loan/Advance Agreement. >> The employee has to give a signed declaration to the Company that in the event he/she leaves the company’s service, any outstanding Loan/Advance will be liquidated prior to his/her leaving. >> An employee is allowed to avail this facility only once in a year


The Loan/Advance amount sanctioned will be recovered in 6 equated monthly installments. The recovery will be affected from the salary, subsequent to the date of loan disbursement. The employee has to settle/repay the entire amount outstanding in his advance account at the time of leaving employment in the company, before serving the notice period.

Income Tax

Any taxes arising out of this loan assistance entitlement provided by the Company would have to be borne by the employee.


The Company’s interpretation of any of the clauses/definition would be final and applicable on the employee.


IDrive Software has always recognized and appreciated the talents within the Organization on various occasions. In this regard it has introduced Manthan Award and Manthan Lite Award.

Manthan award is given in appreciation, recognition and celebration of the novel ideas and technical breakthroughs achieved by the employees.

While the Manthan Lite award is given for those employee who have put extraordinary efforts for the success of the team and the product they are working on.

This process of recognition is ongoing and would be given to employees as and when the Company finds such achievements have been made by the employees.

Nomination Process

  • An employee can either nominate him / herself or colleagues for any of these awards or can be nominated by his / her Team Lead.
  • The nomination form should be duly filled with all the details asked for and has to be submitted to the Project Manager and HR & Operations Manager.
  • The panel of Judges shall go through all the nominations and announce thewinner/winners. The judgment of the panel will be the final say.

Mediclaim Insurance

All employees and their Dependants (Dependants means their parents and if married, then spouse and children) are covered under the Mediclaim Insurance scheme to cover expenses incurred by them for treatment requiring hospitalization. Insurance Company administers the Mediclaim scheme. The Company pays the annual premium on a sum assured of Rs.3 lac per employee. Procedure

  • New employee should collect the Insurance enrollment form from HR. Employee need to furnish his/her and dependant details in the form.
  • Employee and their dependant will receive medical identification card from insurance company. Employee needs to collect that card from HR.
  • Employees who would want to avail this facility should contact the concerned HR well in advance to get the maximum benefit of this policy.

There are 2 ways to claim the insurance- Cashless and Non Cashless.

  • Cashless Claim- This claim is available only via network hospital all over India. Employee should inform the insurance company by calling toll free number mentioned in the Identification card. After the intimation of the claim the insurance company will take it forward.
  • Non Cashless claim: This insurance claim should be claimed in the prescribed form available with HR Team. Claim form should be supported by the bills/receipts and discharge summary. Completed forms should be handed over to HR for processing the claim with the Insurance Company.


Employee has to coordinate with the Admin Department for all the logistics arrangements.

Office vehicle should be used for OFFICICAL PURPOSE ONLY.

In case of any production release or any emergency work wherein the team has to stay late, employee can avail the taxi and submit the bill along with the reimbursement form filled and duly signed by the TL for reimbursement. Lady employees should not wait beyond 8 PM in the office and if they need to stay back in the office beyond 8PM for a specific work purpose then they should inform the HR/Team Lead. They should inform the Admin department in advance for the transport arrangements if needed.


Employees who leave the Company will be treated fairly and ensure that all the dues are settled at the earliest.

1. The resigning employee would have to submit the resignation letter to his/her Team Lead, Branch Manger and HR Team.
2. HR Team after discussion with the employee regarding reasons for leaving will forward the letter to the US Management with the last day of working.
3. Employees are expected to serve the notice period as mentioned in their offer letter, starting from the date mentioned in the resignation letter or salary in lieu of notice period at the rate of basic.
4. Relieving date will get extend if incase of employee avail a leave during notice period and HR will coordinate in this process.
5. HR will issue the relieving letter and experience certificate only on the confirmation of Technical handover from his/her Manager/Lead.
6. On the last working day HR will conduct an exit interview and complete the handover formalities.
7. The final settlement will be made along with the salary of that month.